September 15, 2017

My Little Brother

By Doug
Nine years ago, my brother suffered a stroke. He survived because of the superb Canadian healthcare system but remains disabled. To everyone’s delight, he’s taken up sailing.

Pam and I are in Italy as I train for the upcoming Laser Master Worlds in Croatia, but a much more important event just finished in Kelowna British Columbia. It was the Mobility Cup for Canadian disabled sailors, where Brian finished third in his first national event.

Brian winning a race!

I am so proud! When I retire, this is where I'll spend my time.


  1. Wow, Doug - great news. Tell Brian to keep up the great work. And best of luck to you in Croatia. I cannot make it -have started teaching sailing after work and weekends. Really loving it, although I miss being with all you guys.

    1. We'll miss not seeing you as well. Many thanks for the encouraging comments about Brian.

    2. Well done Brian.

      Good luck at the Worlds. Send us reports on how you do.


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