September 28, 2017

2017 Laser Master Worlds - Day 4

by Pam
Day 4 of racing started like all days with a postponement on shore but there was more certainty that they would sail and everyone rigged and waited.

The Standard fleet was sent out about 1:00 pm and the Radials followed about an hour later. The first race in the Standard fleet began about 3:00 pm. I opted out of the waiting game and went for a hike to the top of the peninsula where I could still see everything. My hike turned into one staircase or ramp after another all the way to the top. On the way down, I counted ... 765 stairs and a few ramps to the top. While there I gained a greater appreciation for just how far out these guys and gals were going.  

A view of the sailing center and the fleet heading out around the point
The Radial fleet is front and center and the Standard fleet is the rippled water out to the right
The Standard fleet was actually in a bit closer today than yesterday and when I snapped this picture I could hear the start sequence horns and see through binoculars that both fleets were about to start racing.

Toward the end of the day I was hanging laundry to dry and could see the Radial fleet coming in.  I waited another hour before I saw a handful of Standards heading in. I headed down to sit on the waterfront and wait for Doug. One of the USA Radial sailors was walking home and sat down for a chat as he finished his pasta, which is being served to the sailors when they get ashore. We watched as the Master fleet rocked and rolled past us in a dying breeze and still the GMs and GGMs were no where in sight.  It hardly seems fair that the oldest guys, sailing the bigger rig are one of the first to leave shore and the last to return.

I believe one of the wives of those old guys (not me) pointed this out and sort of insisted that some chase boats be sent out to tow the guys in. Finally, Doug sailed past going just as fast as some of those being towed. He was all relaxed and happy, having held onto his 4th place after two more races.

At the end of the day he asked the PRO if they were starting earlier or later on Day 5 and was told 'both.' They have decided to start the GGMs first!  Hooray!  Doug will be off the water before dark.

In the Radial fleet they have a 75+ category but they don't seem to have this in the Standard fleet. Therefore, I feel compelled to point out 80 year old GGM Roberto Paolieri (ITA) who performed a bit of gymnastics for us at the Standard GGM get together. We later sat and chatted with him one afternoon and he such an insightful, positive and delightful man.  A real inspiration and a portrait of a real winner.
GGM Roberto Paolieri (ITA) sailing a Standard at 80 years old in a World Championship

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