September 30, 2017

2017 Laser Master Worlds - Final Day

by Pam
They started earlier today with the Standards aiming for an 11:00 am start and the Radials a noon start. Well, that didn't happen. They bobbed around until just before the last time that a race could be started and they were off, getting in one race today.

The conditions were 10-12, choppy water, with nice rides downwind. Doug took his pain meds today and decided not to hold back. He had really good downwind speed and was working the boat and ended up winning the race. He finished 5th overall but was thrilled with the result considering he has two broken ribs. 

Doug had a chat with the various winners of the various fleets and all said they would do a post to explain what helped them to win.


  1. Well done Doug. What a great way to end the regatta!

    Look forward to hearing the words of wisdom from all the champions.

  2. Well done Doug. Sorry i wasn't there to cheer you on. You're amazing racing with broken ribs!


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