April 29, 2017

Foiling for the Masses

By Doug
Question: Foiling takes how long to learn?
Answer: About 15 minutes.

Pedro is in Bermuda with the latest Glide Free kit for the O'Pen Bic. This video shows a junior foiling on an O'Pen Bic for the first time. Foiling is no longer a sport for the the full-time professional sailor

Micah Raynor is a 15 year old Bermudian Laser sailor and is foiling at the Americas Cup Endeavor Program. After receiving a briefing from Shaun Priestley, the foiling coach at the Bermuda Yacht Club, Micah was foiling within minutes.

April 25, 2017

Foiling in Conroe

By Doug
Pedro traveled from Sydney via Dallas to the first annual Texas Aero Championships. So Pam and I drove down to Conroe Yacht Club with him to get some foil mentoring, and Pam got some great videos. As you’ll see, CYC was an ideal place for this. Many thanks to KO Sailing for providing some excellent Aeros to play with. This was my first experience in an Aero which I'll write about in my next post.

This was actually the Laser foiling kit with a prototype Aero centerboard insert. So you can foil on both the Laser and Aero with the same kit. For more info, contact Pedro.

Update: Marc Jacobi won the first Aero World Championships!
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