July 29, 2017

Marc Jacobi - Aero World Champion!

By Doug
Marc has just won the first RS Aero World Championships that were held in France. He was competing in the fleet with the largest of the three rigs and had a big enough lead to not have to compete in the last two races. Well done!

Marc leading.

Foiling Pedro was also there.

You can see a video of Marc, Pedro, and me foiling an Aero here. You can also read more about the World Championships here.


  1. Marc is to be congratulated on a terrific achievement.

    But there is one slight error in your post. If there were only 3 races on the final day then it is true that Marc would have not needed to sail the final day. But the SIs allowed for 4 races a day and 16 in total, so there was a possibility that there could have been 4 races on the final day. If he had missed all 4 races he would have had to carry a DNS score in his final results and in this case he could easily have been overtaken in the standings.

    So Marc went out on the final day and sailed one race (race 13) which he won. This clinched the championship for him. In his blog post he explains this - and also the real reason why he didn't sail any more races on Friday.


    1. Thanks Tillerman, I've changed my wording. It's rare to win a worlds without having to compete in the last 2 races - Mark Bethwaite did it at the Laser Master Worlds in 2004.


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