May 23, 2010

Sunfish/Laser District 15 - 3rd Circuit (RCYC)

by Pam
Laser and Sunfish circuit stop at Rush Creek Yacht Club. It was mainly a Fish event with 31 Fish and only 7 Lasers. We had an abundance of windage and flippage. Doug often says he's a one trick pony (meaning a Laser) and I learned this weekend that when the wind kicks up, I'm a one race pony. Time to hit the gym. By Race 3 I hit a brick wall and Doug was kind enough to escort me back to the docks and then we sailed double-handed on the Fish for the rest of the regatta. Tacks and gybes were challenging and sloppy and we turtled and swam twice. Slow.

Those that stayed on the course simply amazed me at their strength, determination and talent. I felt like an observer in the middle of greatness with bunches of role models around me. That's not to say that I didn't also admire the sanity of those that stayed on shore or returned and chose not to abuse their bodies. I'm pretty sure I'll be grunting, groaning and saying ouch for the next week.
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