September 09, 2017

First Day in Italy

By Doug
Mark and I have arrived in Italy to train for the upcoming Laser Master Worlds in Croatia. We’re staying with Christine and Roberto at their lovely home overlooking Lake Garda

As good luck would have it, our first full day was the start of the Centomiglia Regatta which is a 100 kilometre race up and down the lake. One of the people we met was former 49er FX world champion Giulia Conti.

Me, Giulia, and Mark
Giulia is the skipper of Clandesteam, something that Mark and I had never seen before. We walked around in awe of the size and design of these huge dinghies that have a crew of 14. Just amazing!

We watched the start of the race from Christine and Roberto’s home. The fleet is headed north which is away from us. The sun was shining on the close end of the line, so I think that God was telling the fleet to go left.

Here's an awesome video posted after the event:

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