September 23, 2017

2017 Laser Master Worlds - Practice Day

by Pam
Team USA (partial)
Light winds, lumpy water, bright sunshine, a long sail to and from the sailing area, with single file launch and retrieval from four small ramps. 

The retrieval queue on one ramp 
I went up to the top of the hill to watch the racing with my binoculars and could barely see the Radial fleet and the Standard fleet was so far out they were practically dots on the horizon (through binoculars). I have not yet volunteered or tried to get on a boat on the course until we decided whether Doug was sailing. Hugh, the PRO, returned to shore and reported that he checked on Doug at the start and Doug said he was all good. And then I waited and waited and waited for Doug to return. When he finally showed up, all was still good. No pain and even though he was taking it easy and being super cautious, he ended up with a 2nd in his fleet. So far, the weather forecast continues to be for light air. Looks like he's a go for this regatta. Now I just need a find myself a place on a boat because the view from the shore just won't do.

Standard course is way the heck out there - can't even see them


  1. Yea! Never thought it would have been possible for Doug to safely sail but guess impossible is not in Doug's vocabulary. Go Doug! Cathy


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