May 26, 2016

Mexico Laser Master Worlds - Lay Day

by Pam
The lay day was kicked off with an evening social the night before. Lots of sailors relaxing, enjoying the free drinks and having a good time. The very talented GGM Alberto Larrea (ARG) grabbed the entertainer's guitar and started playing and singing and brought everyone to their feet.  

Here's a bit of what he sound like ...

After our party wound down, we noticed that Alberto had moved over to the next party and grabbed another entertainer's guitar and was singing and playing for the other group.

Folks scattered everywhere for the lay day. The hotel helped everyone plan the perfect day off. We talked with several as they returned. No one had a bad trip. Everyone thought they'd picked the exact right thing for them. Some went to the beach and surfed. Some swam with the dolphins. Mark Bethwaite played golf and got beat. Doug and I did Los Veranos with 12 zip line courses, the last of which was a race. I got a good shove and Doug was left simply using his weight. He passed me at the end for his first win since the regatta began. This was after we did the banana split run where you had to make monkey noises along the way for 7 years of good luck. Doug came in hot with a 'ee ee ooh ooh ... oh shit." Maybe, just maybe, the lay day will be a turning point in Mark and Doug's luck.

We have outstanding media coverage and pictures at this event. Here is a clip with Doug's interview:

My pictures pale in comparison but they are royalty free:

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