May 20, 2016

International Sailing Academy - The Pre-Worlds Clinic

By Doug
I really like this place because of their attention to detail. Their meals, for example, are exactly how I like to eat during a competition - a late brunch, a light meal after the sailing, and then supper later. Max is anxious to help with all of the details we get in a foreign country, such as taking me to a nearby English-speaking doctor to check a potential injury to my neck.

The clinic started with brunch...

...followed by a chalk-talk that included some really good videos...

...and then we're on the water by 1:00. Being at the north end of the bay near mountains means that we got a wide variety of conditions as the gradient winds from the north-west fought the building sea breeze from the west. We had everything from steady 15-20 to pulsing 5-15, so there were lots of gear change practice with the various controls.

After 40 years of sailing a Laser where I'd move forward to catch a wave like surfers...

...Coach Colin had me working on something new, where I'd move back to catch a wave, as shown by Tom Slingsby winning the medal race of the 2011 Laser Worlds:

It's a lot harder than it looks because as the boat accelerates, the apparent wind shifts forward taking pressure off the sail and making the boat really unstable. I may not have time to get this right before our Worlds start in 2 days, but I appreciate the chance to learn something new.

Good clinics attract good sailors, so it was great to practice with people from the US, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Sweden, and Australia.


  1. I will not be at the Masters this year to sail with you at the GGM. Hope to see everyone next year. Have a great regatta.


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