May 25, 2016

Mexico Laser Master Worlds - Day 3

by Pam
Day 3 was sort of like Day 2. The wind is fairly predictable. Lightish at the start of the first race and then it builds until we are rocking and rolling and the guys looks completely gassed as they come across the line.

Pablo Rabago (MEX) is still leading the Apprentice fleet and got another two firsts. The Aussies are still leading in the Master, GM and GGM fleets. GM, Gavin Dagley (AUS) had a couple of good races with a first and a second, GGM, Mark Bethwaite (AUS) had very little trouble getting two more firsts. Master Brett Beyer (AUS) had a couple of WTF races (on opposite ends of the WTF spectrum) but he's still on top. Here's something you won't see in the scores.

In the first race, I couldn't even find Brett through my binoculars on the first downwind. Apparently he went the wrong way and was well back almost in the 20s. By the finish, he worked his way back to 6th and there were five happy sailors who finished in front of him. Niclas Bornling (USA) whooped the loudest as he got Brett on the finish line.

Niclas Bornling (USA) beating Brett Beyer (AUS) on the finish line.
In the second race, Brett must have had some quiet words with himself and came back strong. My video is amateurish and we are bouncing quite a bit on the finish line boat but here is a look at the lead that Brett has. The next closest boat is the Mexican Apprentice so Brett's distance on his fleet is significant.

And here is a video of Brett coming into the finish line. Something I see quite often but most of his competitors probably don't and Doug thinks it's rare footage. Brett never seems to let up until he crosses the finish line.

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