May 31, 2016

Mexico Laser Master Worlds - Final Day

by Pam
Lots of activity on the final day. Racing, boat check in, awards, good-byes and packing for morning departure. Apprentice Pablo Robago (MEX), Master Brett Beyer (AUS) and GGM Mark Bethwaite (AUS) had already won the championship in their fleet and did not have to sail the final day but all did. The GM championship was still up for grabs and Gavin Dagley (AUS) had to earn it. I observed several times in the regatta that, in true champion style, he seemed to do best when the pressure was on. The final day was no exception and Gavin finally joined the world championship winners club and the folks in Mexico made it memorable.

I don't know if the Mexicans are just a hell of a lot of fun and everyone got this treatment or if this was a celebration of the last of four world regattas or if GGM Bob Blakey (NZL) had a hand in it as he was sidelined from sailing due to an injury and instead helping with race duty ... but, I have never seen this and Doug said he had never seen this. Turn the sound up for the full effect as each of the fleet winners finish their regatta. First is Brett and regrettably, I didn't get the full celebration on video. Next is Pablo, then Mark and finally, Gavin. Congratulations to all!!

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