July 09, 2015

Kingston Happenings

by Pam
The Standard Men's Worlds is over with Nick Thompson winning the event. As he returned to shore there was a whooping and hollering and I turned to see him on the ramp, still sitting in his Laser, both up on the shoulders of the British Sailing Team as they carried him up the ramp to his dolly.  Fun to watch! 

There is such fantastic aerial, video, picture, and twitter coverage that it's a waste of time to try to convey anything that they haven't already beautifully covered.  From the shore, the event seems to be quite well run.  A public announcement system, alerts the shore when the "athletes" are headed in and they man the ramps and do a beautiful job of getting everyone off the water.  They also announce reminders for the athletes to check in upon returning to shore.  All things old Masters (and their shore crew) will really appreciate.

The Masters are beginning to arrive.  Al Clark showed up a couple of days ago with the mobile Royal Vancouver Yacht Club - 12 Lasers, one rib, all the dollies and spars and he also somehow produced a bicycle.  By far, the most impressive transportation on the lot.

Meanwhile, Doug has been training with Mark Bethwaite, putting Mark in the boat Doug will sail for the event but handicapping Mark with a wooden centerboard that Frank Bethwaite refinished for Doug a few decades ago.  Doug asked Mark to teach the boat everything he knows.  So, Mark has made all sorts of suggestions from screws to tell tales to going so far as to buy Doug a replacement hiking strap which Doug somehow failed to noticed was going to be problematic.

I'm always stunned and amazed by Doug's luck.  From having a multi-world champion tune his boat for him to this morning when he'd run out of clean short sleeved t-shirts and put on a long sleeved shirt.  I commented about how he was going to be hot in that and he said he didn't have a choice.  Five minutes after he left the room, he returned to get a jacket and said it was cold outside.  I believe I've heard he term "knocked into phase" which just sums up his life.

Oh, anyone that might be interested in a brand new rolled North sail (no numbers), please let us know.  We ended up with an extra one.  It isn't free, but you won't have to pay Canadian GST.

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