July 07, 2015

2015 Standard Laser Worlds - Day 5 Observations

by Pam
Day 5 ... no wind.  The young guys sat on shore all day long and when we passed by for dinner at 5:30 pm they were still rigged and waiting for wind ... which never came.

But, three grumpy old men wouldn't let a little thing like the weather keep them on shore ...

Best decision of the day ... no hiking pants!
Today, Day 6, Doug said the wind is up and he's headed out to practice but as I look out the window I do not see a single tree moving even an inch ... I wonder if the old guys saw wind yesterday too when they set out to to go for a drift.


  1. Practice roll tacking...
    Chris Barnhard and Tom Burton had a nice duel:
    (start at 5 min or so)


    1. Thanks for the link. I knew there was media coverage at this event because I've seen cameramen roaming about but WOW! The video coverage, the commentary, the aerial coverage and the live feed is truly fantastic. They've outdone themselves here.


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