July 06, 2015

2015 Standard Men's Laser Worlds - Roaming Observer

by Pam
We've arrived in Kingston and training begins.  Once we crossed the border, Doug suddenly became Canadian.  He was overcome with country pride and started using "we" "our" and "us" for all things Canadian. Oh, and he seems to be saying "sorry" alot too.  These are a polite, smiling, happy bunch of people. 

It's day 5 of the open worlds and Doug is off trying to learn everything he can from Mark Bethwaite while I roam around snapping random pictures.

Entry to Portsmouth Olympic Harbor from the water.  The sculpture to the right once held the Olympic torch in the 70's and the building in the background is a prison.  What an odd mix.

Water situation at the regatta
Dolly organization at the regatta

The takeout situation was an impressively smooth operation ... hope the Masters get the same treatment.

Robert Scheidt coming off the water after a horrible day by his standards.  Doug saw him go for a pin start, get jammed out and have to take the sterns of almost the entire fleet.  He isn't the only one having a difficult time.  In the words of Mark Bethwaite ... 'there are lots of fit bodies walking around here with long faces'
Mark and Doug practicing ... they are racing Doug's newish Aussie Laser against his 20+ year old Kiwi Laser.  They decided the main speed difference was attributed to a really old sail.  Today, they try a newer sail ... 


  1. Welcome home! Are there many masters practicing? I'm thinking of coming down Thursday and Friday.

    1. There are only a few practicing but lots are arriving. Come on down and get a jump on the crowd!

  2. I arrive on Thursday evening - getting excited. Looks like great fun ahead.

    1. It will be a great event. We read the list of off-the-water activities and the organizers will really be putting on a show for us.


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