July 07, 2015

How Embarrassing!

by Pam
What happens when a hugger meets a cheeker? Oh, the embarrassment! I'm a hugger. If I know someone well, it's a full frontal bear hug and if I know them sort of well, it's a one armed side hug. Doug knows so many Aussies and I'm now getting to know them and when greeting them, I forget that they don't hug but instead do that proper cheek to cheek thing.  

The first time I met Julian Bethwaite, I ended up kissing him square on the mouth. I stood there thinking, I don't think that was supposed to happen but I guess we're friends now. I can't imagine what went through his head except that maybe Doug has a really friendly wife.

Mark Bethwaite has been so much easier. He's usually wet and coming off the water when I first see him and I don't hug wet sailors so the cheek thing comes naturally because that is sort of what I do when Doug is wet and coming off the water.

So, along comes a dry Brett Beyer a couple of days ago and except for a wet Mark, he's the first Aussie I'm greeting in Canada and I just absentmindedly go in for a one armed side hug and he goes in for a proper Aussie cheek kiss thing. Awkwaaard! Doug just stands there and later says that was painful to watch.  

Then to top things off, when we left for Canada my temperature controls had begun to go haywire and I randomly break out into a sweat and then start shivering from cold. Awkward moments, eating, stress and nothing at all seems to set off these sweaty moments. What a perfect time to meet all my Canadian in-laws, eh?  At least I know that no matter what I get wrong, they'll just apologize.

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