July 07, 2015

2015 Standard Laser Worlds - Day 6 Observations

by Pam
There was wind today and they had them out on the water early and got in three races.  The Masters are starting to arrive and are starting to hit the water practicing.  Doug was watching the gold fleet at what he thought was a respectable distance when a judge boat whistled at him, called his sail number and motioned for him to come within hail. To his relief they simply offered him an extra lunch which allowed him to stay on the water all day long. Really good practice.

As luck would have it, Doug just ran into Coach Rulo from the Dominican Republic while he was down cooking his dinner. Rulo is on his way to the Pan Am Games but had some interesting tips to pass on about the misconceptions on the favored side of the course in Kingston. One of his students had an impressive lead and won the 3rd race today in the gold fleet.

I'm so far from the action on the water but here are a couple of glimpses of the on the water action. This is the finish of the 3rd race in the gold fleet.


  1. What a tease! We'd love to hear about the misconceptions of the left side! :-)

    1. Brett Beyer had a similar observation with a slightly different twist and one of his students also won a race in the gold fleet. I'm sure Doug will pass on these tips to those who have asked to be included in his daily journal email list.


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