September 08, 2018

Laser Master Worlds - Tips and Tricks

by Pam
I ran into a sailor at the opening ceremonies who said he came to our blog to read about any tips and tricks for sailing in the conditions here in Ireland and was disappointed not to find any.  I assured him I would have Doug post what he had learned after arriving early and doing Brett Beyer's pre-regatta clinic.  

The first day of training in here in Ireland, Doug said the conditions were unlike anything he had ever experienced and said it was like being in a washing machine. After doing the clinic with Brett, he said he had learned a tremendous amount and was doing significantly better.  

However, to my disappointment, Doug has refused to share what he has learned.  He said that Brett makes his living by coaching and that he did not feel right about sharing what people have to pay to learn.  I get his point but the whole purpose of our blog was to freely share anything and everything that Doug has learned or figured out on his own.  Not everyone can afford the time or money to arrive early or have coaching and this blog was about sharing information and not hoarding it.  Over the years, I have never once heard someone say that Brett has ever refused to answer a question about how to sail in the local conditions, sail settings, etc.   Personally, I don't think the answering questions or sharing any tips and tricks for a venue takes away from the value of coaching.  What I know that I should do and my ability to actually execute it on the water are two very different things.  It took Doug several days of coaching to make improvements.  I am quite certain that if he were simply told what he needed to change, it would not have produced the same result as coaching.  Only an experienced coach is going to be able to watch you sail and tell you all the little things that you need to work on to see the improvement you want.  So, I strongly disagree with Doug's decision to hold back information.  

After all, the beauty of Brett Beyer is that he can arrive at a venue having had little to no practice, go out for a couple of days at the venue, figure out the conditions, optimal sail settings, as well as various tips and tricks for the venue, then compete, do exceptionally well and at the same time, be able to tell you exactly how he is doing it.  Sharing any of that information will certainly ease some frustrations that sailors are having at the venue but it will not ever replace what real coaching can do for them.  I think Brett knows this which is why he is always so forthcoming with information when asked.  What do you think?

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  1. Interesting quandary. But I agree that one needs to put 'theory' into on the water practice to get better. Just reading may help some, but won't make you a champ.



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