September 08, 2018

Laser Master Worlds - Practice Day

By Pam
I would estimate that only about half the competitors sailed today.  It was light air, starting out a little warm and then getting colder and wetter.  I am somewhat thrilled at getting on the finish line boat on the standard course (Race Area A). It's a big sailboat, two heads, a cabin to get warm, a Bimini if it rains too hard, and hot tea served before we take finishes. What more could an old gal ask for.  

I don't know if today is going to be the norm for the rest of the week, but all four fleets finished at the same time today.  Dublin Bay (an organization made up of the 4 sailing clubs located on the harbor) was running their weekly races which ended up wedging the West Course (Racing Area A today) between the Dublin Bay racing and the shipping lanes so a shortened course was set.  Perhaps tomorrow, the course will be longer and there might be separation between the fleets, but I got the impression the RC was expecting all fleets to finish at the same time.  Should be interesting.

Here are a couple of tips for those sailing.  As you have probably already seen, Chmarine is the sailing supplier on-sight but if happen to need something they do not have, there is a huge marine supply store about a five minute walk up the street. 
As always, spare parts and clothing for sale onsite.

For a wider selection, Viking Marine is just up the street. They have an outstanding selection.

And if you need help, Erin from Perth, Australia will be happy to help but she only works weekends.
Are you confused about Racing Area A/B vs. East/West course?  A/B is independent of East/West with A/B being constant and East/West being variable.  Radials will always be on Racing Area A with yellow cylinders and Standards will always be on Racing Area B with black cylinders.  Whether A or B is the East or West racing area changes daily so consult the notice board each day before you hit the water.

Probably goes without saying but stick to your assigned launch ramp location or you will not be able to sign out or in. 

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