February 26, 2018

Peter Shope on winning the 2018 Master Midwinters

By Doug
Peter Shope (195425) was the fastest at the 2012 Master Midwinters but he did not win because of high-risk starts like this one.

This resulted in an OCS, while the winner of this event cannot be seen because he's hidden in the middle of the line. Peter changed his style to start more conservatively and won the 2015 Laser Master Worlds.

In this video, Peter talks about how he easily won the 2018 Master Midwinters by more conservative starts, his downwind speed to win a race, and other things that have kept him at the top of his game. Thanks to Dave Morton for the great aerial footage.


  1. Great explanations and video demonstration! Thank you.

    BTW...small point... I believe the objective in getting up to speed to get foils to "bite" is about getting to speed of best angle or rate of "climb", well above stall, rather than avoiding cavitation.

  2. Great video!
    Looks like Peter's leech is looser on that final run, in addition to s-carving.

    Marc Jacobi

  3. Hi Doug / Pam,
    Sorry to go off topic, but do either of you know what action to take with a new MK2 sail that has torn at the head?
    This happened to me on my first outing with my brand new Mark2 on Saturday. Im not sure how this happened, but I noticed the issue on the way ashore. On inspection, the tear was the stitching ripping right at the base of the strap that goes over the top section.

    Do either of you have any idea what others have done ? Do I just get it repaired, or have you encountered sailors who have sent their sails back to Laser?

    Ronan Kenneally

    1. This is a minor repair for most sailmakers, so I suggest you try that. Tell them to make sure the mast sleeve is not smaller or else your mast will not slide all the way up!

  4. Thanks Both. Great Blog by the way.


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