February 05, 2018

2018 Florida Masters

By Doug
I took a five month sabbatical from sailing after breaking my ribs training for the Croatian Master Worlds and am happy to be back on the water again. The final day of the Florida Masters was held in the open water with a strong gulf stream and the biggest waves I’ve sailed in for five years. Note to self: no practice + big waves = a bad result. I was embarrassed to be the top GGM.

Or maybe others are getting faster. Former GM world champion Peter Shope finished 5th. Mike Matan just retuned after training for 2½ weeks in Cabarete and was fast, finishing 4th. Dave Chapin and Ari Barshi were fast and finished 3rd and 2nd respectively. But the event was easily won by Ernesto Rodriguez who finished 3rd at the Master Words in Croatia last year. Ernesto had great speed and explains how he won both races on the final day.


  1. Ernesto's awesome in how he shares his knowledge... not just in this interview but at other times as well. Class act who's great for US masters sailing.

    1. He's also super easy to interview. I hardly had to ask him any questions!


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