February 06, 2018

Al Clark update

A bunch of old geezers are in Florida for the Florida Masters and the Midwinters. On Saturday evening, we had supper with Al Clark and his wife Sharon who had just arrived from Vancouver. Everything was normal.

Then on Sunday, we learned from Andy Roy that Al had suffered a heart attack that morning. Here’s the latest update from Andy.

Good news update for everyone: Allan is improving nicely, although still in ICU. He has had a pretty sore chest from the CPR. Sharon had a long conversation with a Vancouver cardiologist who walked through everything that’s happened (she has been in contact with the Florida doctors). The doctor has an Olympic speed skater as a patient who has a heart arrhythmia condition similar to what has hit Al. The doctor thinks he’ll be ready for discharge by the weekend and be back to coaching and racing Lasers in about 8 weeks. Fabulous news!

Al Clark leading Andy Roy at one of the weather marks.   Christy Usher/Christine Robin Photography  
They would finish the world championship in this order.

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