March 21, 2018

A Student's Request

We received this wonderful request.

I'm a student at Gulliver Preparatory School and I’ve chosen sailing as an elective for gym class. As our class project, we were asked to raise awareness about sailing safety. So what I’m doing is asking websites to make sure to inform people about sailing safety.

I found this recently published article on sailing that offers a thorough guide for beginners that I think could be very useful. Could I ask you to help us in our efforts in raising awareness by sharing this?

Thanks David, this a great article for people getting into our sport. In addition to safety, its topics include:
  • Health benefits
  • Organizational skills
  • Getting started
  • What to buy
  • Basic sailing terms
  • Is sailing affordable?
While we’re on the subject of safety, there is something that even experienced sailors do not know – read this.

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