May 02, 2013

Andrew Campbell Starting Clinic - part I

By Doug
Over the weekend the Gulf Coast Youth Sailing Association hosted an awesome starting clinic that was run by Andrew Campbell, Ryan Minth, and Mattia D'Errico. About 30 people attended from as far away as California. Pam and I were definitely the oldest kids there.

We had a good breeze on Saturday but on Sunday the breeze took longer to fill in, so we had a bunch of creative starts in very light conditions. I wore my hatcam while Pam watched from the committee boat having already got her money's worth on the first day.

If you're looking for an exciting Laser video, this is definitely not it. If you're looking for a few tips on starting in light air, this technical video may help.


  1. How did you evaluate distance to the starting line at port tack approach? Weren`t you OCS?

    1. This was one of the starts with a ridiculously long line (see the video starting at 5:00). Pam was on the committee boat and heard Ryan say that my position and speed were really good. I knew where the line was because of an unobstructed line sight against the far shore. If there had been boats below me, the far shore would have been blocked from view, so I would have had to hang back a little from the line.

      I had a similar start at the 1991 Master Worlds in Greece, where the breeze went left, I started alone in the pin, tacked, and crossed the fleet 100' in front. But that type of start is very rare!!


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