December 31, 2015

2015 - Those Who Inspired Me

By Doug
I keep reading that people who appreciate things live longer, happier lives, so since 2010 I've kept an appreciation journal. Each December, I write about people who have inspired me that year, so here goes.

CP Burks lives here in Texas and runs regattas better than anyone else. He sets windward-leeward courses that are short, simple, and tactical. CP easily runs 12 races each day, and everyone gets their money's worth.

Sailing is a cerebral sport so I appreciate people who make my brain work. See if you can factor what this really means (the answer is below):

I met Roberto Bini (ITA) as we were leading at the first mark in the first race at the Hyères Master Worlds. And we've been friends ever since. He and his wife Christine invited me to train in Italy and we spent 2 weeks sailing, going on short trips, and competing in the Euromasters. Italy has so much to offer, Pam and I will definitely be back.

The KingstonWorlds was one of the best. The race organizers, the many friends and family that I have not seen for so long, and of course my fellow competitors were all inspirational. And of course who could not be inspired by a Kiwi helping an Aussie win a world championship, as shown at the end of this video.

Dave warning: this has nothing to do with sailing: I find most commercials a waste of time. But I do appreciate the people who make them fun to watch, even for people like me who don't need more car insurance.

Here's the answer to the math problem... pretty clever.
Sydney is known for some of the best sailing in the world. Having lived there, I can assure you there is nowhere where the competition more fierce or more friendly. What Sydney is also known for is its spectacular New Years celebration which gets my vote for the best fireworks in the world. 

And who cannot help but be inspired by Sydney's Peter Stephinson who has shown us that even Laser sailors can fly!

Pam and I wish you all a Happy New Year.


  1. Happy New Year Doug and Pam. Today is the lay day of our Australian Laser Nationals, the first one I've done. 196 boats here in Belmont, and sadly, the young 'uns are giving us Masters a towelling. Geoff Loosemore is flying the flag for us and has made Gold Fleet in the Radials for the second half of the regatta.

    1. Happy New Year as well to you and yours. I raced yesterday here in Dallas against 3 others who are still learning the ropes, and am jealous of both the size and depth of your event!

  2. Happy New Year, Doug and Pam! I just wanted to mention my appreciation for this blog. I got to know this blog this year end, and I absolutely enjoy it! It includes the deep insight about the sailing, many of which had the scales fallen from my eyes. And more than anything, I feel your love for the sailing and the fellow sailers. Thank you very much!!

    1. You are more than welcome. My posts usually start with Pam making a suggestion, me writing a draft, and then Pam polishing it. Pam's posts start with her research on a topic or a funny event that leads to a story, many of which I find hilarious.

      We appreciate your feedback and also wish you a Happy New Year.


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