June 09, 2015

A Poet's House

By Doug
Dave alert: don't read this post because it has nothing to do with sailing.

Christine is practicing her English while I practice my French, so some of our conversations are interesting. She asked me if I'd like to visit a "large house" that belonged to a poet, so I said sure.

What happened was so astounding that I'm left with few words in either language.

Every house needs an entrance.
With an amphitheater and a view.
And a courtyard.
And a plane they flew in World War I.

With walkways.

And a boat.

And a personal mausoleum...

...with another view.
And a bigger boat.

And a garden with the bigger boat in the background.
We never did get to see the inside of this poet's large house, so we'll just have to come back. 

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