November 21, 2013

Oman Open Worlds - Day 5

by Doug

The fleets were split into gold and silver and, of course, all of the coach boats wanted to watch the gold fleet. This video is not going to win any Academy Awards - the conditions for videoing were good but with the slop, I had trouble holding the camera still as you'll see. 

Picking the correct side was important and the leaders played the right on the first beat. I talked briefly with race winner Nick Thompson (GBR) and he played the middle right and led at each mark. It's amazing how important the first beat is as the positions rarely change much after that. The rich get richer... 

Neither Robert or Pavlos had a stellar first leg or finish. 

We only got in the one race because of the big front that came through. You'll see a part of it at the end of the video. One of our roommates is Colin Leonard and after standing on our balcony he said, "that is the quickest I got soaked ever." And he's from Ireland!!! 

Like the locals say about the weather at so many Laser Worlds: it's never like this.


  1. Hey Doug, thanks for putting this footage up. Are you using a lot of zoom or filming with your eye up to the view finder by chance? You may be able to stabilize things by holding the camera straight out in front of you and just holding it straight, just keeping an eye on the horizon on the screen or just film without looking - don't pan from side to side unless you're moving in very slow motion. The video would be amazing if it was watchable, unfortunately, it's really not. Your comments are great as always, thank you.

    1. Thanks for your tips - I'll try this today (Day 7).

      The video for Day 6 is better because I had someone else in the boat and was able to stand up and put my hand on his shoulder for balance, plus I did not have to worry about the driving. Also, I've been using the zoom because they keep us 100 meters away so it's the choice between tiny/steady and closer/jumpy.

      Not being able to see very well has also been a bit of a problem. I figured the videos would only be of interest for those who are seriously interested in the racing.


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