August 04, 2012

Olympic Sailing - Day 7 - Video Observations

By Doug
Here's how you win a gold medal in the Olympics (from Laser race 9).

Step 1: under a black flag, stay hidden in the fleet at the start:

Step 2: Immediately punch out, and don't worry about the people doing high-risk starts (TRI):

Step 3: grab the early lead, protect your lane knowing that everything is really close:

Step 4: don't bang a corner and don't worry about anyone else who did (ESP leads at the top mark):

Step 5: use your downwind speed:

Step 6: with the lead, pick the the favored gate:

Step 7: work the shifts but stay close to the leading group:

Step 8: round ahead and enjoy your lead:

Tom Slingsby sailed a brilliant race and is positioned to win Gold tomorrow. Too bad there was no more video coverage today.

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