August 02, 2012

Olympic Sailing - Day 4 - Video Observations

By Doug
Why we should not worry about Weymouth security:

RS-X race 4 (ESP was OCS):

RS-X photo finish with GBR passing GRE on the finish line:

Lasers race 6 on the starting line:

Crowded starboard tack layline:

Tom Slingsby (AUS) on the port tack layline (out of the picture) looking for a hole:

AUS finds one, POR also looking:

POR also finds one:

AUS in 9th place with CRO leading:

AUS after a great run leads NZL going left, the leaders have gone right:

A rare computer error in the calculations... AUS is not last!

Further up the second beat:

AUS and HUN rounded, chasing CRO (out of the picture):

AUS only one on port, boom way in:

AUS catching CRO:

AUS almost even at the bottom mark:

Close racing on the last beat, NOR having a great race:

CRO still in front:

AUS goes way low:

CRO also goes low:

CRO stays in front and goes on to win:

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