February 17, 2012

Coaching with Luke Lawrence

by Doug
Luke Lawrence is an awesome sailor and coach. During our "rest" day, 6 of us had a downwind clinic where we were towed about 3 miles upwind and then sailed back downwind several times. It was blowing 12-15 with 1 foot waves. There was so much to learn that I had trouble remembering it all. Here are the highlights:

  • Above 15, strap everything as tight as possible including the vang
  • When tired hiking, move strap up the foot to work the abs more to give your legs a rest
  • Not too much vang or foot
  • Depower with the Cunningham
  • For stability, jam your windward foot under the front of the strap
  • Adjust the vang so that the leach flicks (mine has been too tight), time this to accelerate
  • 90 degree turns unless straight for jumping a wave
  • Transitioning when bearing off, let the boat bear off on its own with your weight and slide forward, knees up
  • Transitioning when heading up, sheet in early and hard, turn sharply, slide back, knees straight

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