February 18, 2012

2012 Florida Masters Midwinters East

by Doug

Day 1 - what I learned (wind speed 3-8, 57 competitors)
  • Know who is beside you in case you need redress for an incorrect OCS (race 1)
  • Start: be patient, even with a so-so lane, hold it as long as possible
  • First windward leg: play the pressure, angles, shifts in that order
  • Other windward legs: play the competition, pressure, angles, shifts in that order
Downwind: At all costs, stay out of dirty air, watch the pressure and switch sides if necessary

Highlight of the day:  Just before the finish line of the second race, having two dolphins surface right in front of me

Day 2 - With the OCS experience yesterday (called over when in the second row), decided to play it safe on the starts, especially with the pin being favored with an aggressive fleet. Favorite, Peter Shope, went for the pin and was OCS for the second time in the series. Lesson learned: mid-line starts are not exciting but with the lead, they're a better option.

In race 3 never really punched out, pointing was average to good, rounded 6th and finished 3rd. Race 4 got caught in a header at the mark, rounded 15th and finished 4th. Lesson learned: it's hard to come through the fleet with so many rock stars, but being patient and playing the angles does work most of the time.

We need 2 more races to get a throw-out. Currently have a 1, 1, 3, and 4. Lesson learned: I can afford to be more aggressive on the final day.

Day 3 - 15-20 with gusts to maybe 30.  Two races.  Finishes 4 and 10 (tipped on a sandbar). 

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