June 08, 2022

Warning to Traveling Laser Sailors

by Doug

On my return trip from the Master Worlds in Mexico, I had problems with the Puerto Vallarta airport security. They would not accept my tiller as carry-on luggage. By the time I got back to check it as luggage, they were no longer accepting luggage. The supervisor was blunt – my options were throwing it away or missing the flight.

I considered taking it to lost-and-found with the hope of having someone else pick it up for me, but then I saw Ernesto Rodriguez (USA) checking in for his flight to Miami. He would have had the same problem, so I asked if he would tape our two tillers together and check them as baggage so that he can ship mine to Dallas … thank you, Ernesto!

So be warned. Wonder if the ILCA can get some sort of pre-clearance with a travel document we could use that ensures that others do not have this problem in the future.


  1. Hi Doug, I've had this issue on numerous occasions as they seemed suspicious of it, especially as it was carbon, in two parts and packed into a fishing rod transport tube. It was solved when I labelled it as sporting equipment. I also took a picture of the tiller on my Laser and showed it to the check in staff. They were satisfied after that and let me take it as carry-on luggage. On other occasions, they insisted it had to be checked in, but that was OK because of the protective tube. I trust you had an enjoyable regatta! Cheers, Oztayls

  2. I had this in Kingston. No problem flying out with it; couldn't return. Fortunately I had enough time to check it in.


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