April 25, 2018

Brett Beyer's Downwind Clinic at the ISA Part 1

By Doug
Ten lucky sailors are learning what people get by combining the ISA's ideal sailing conditions with world-class coaching from Brett Beyer. The great equipment, outstanding food, and the occasional dolphins and sea turtles make this the an excellent way to improve your sailing.

Outstanding food.

Brett explaining downwind techniques.

There are probably a dozen things that can be learned from this next diagram. To sum up, I'm undoing 40 years of downwind muscle memory to go faster. Challenging? Yes. Exhausting? Yes. Recommended? Definitely.

Analysis from another clinic.

Each day starts with a 20 km tow upwind and then a series of short downwind races. Notice how the wind went from northwest to southwest as the sea breeze filled in, so there were lots of different wave types.

Today's 40km tow upwind and then practice downwind.

1 comment:

  1. Good for you! I joined Brett's clinic a week before, and it was fantastic. The clinic included the downwind elements, and throughout the clinic, one of the biggest learnings for me was "By the lee has to be deep, and broad reach has to be fast." I practiced it in the first regatta I came back from the clinic, and it worked very well in one case. I plan to join Brett's downwind clinic next year!


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