June 10, 2014

Hyères World Championships Checklist

By Doug
Bruce in Australia is one of the 537 people who may be going to Hyères and suggested I post a checklist for the Worlds. Here's a checklist of things to remember:

Before leaving
  • Resist mentioning travel plans to strangers on Facebook.
  • Notify credit card companies on dates and countries.
  • Get local medical references in advance (for me, vision).
  • Turn off cell phone roaming unless you plan to pay for it.
  • Replace the universal joint on your extension tiller.
  • Consider taking your own hiking strap, supplied ones can be rough (see comment below, this may have changed).
  • Take along a universal power adapter.
  • Backup your computer.
In transit
  • Buy Jet Ease that is available at most airports.
  • Some airlines are not permitting tillers as carry-on luggage.
  • Take a trash bag for wet clothes on the way back.
Your charter
  • Tillers hit the traveler cleat of some European Lasers - use a strip of Teflon to lift it.
  • Consider buying a rolled sail in France to save shipping hassles.
  • You can change deck fittings but must replace them after the competition (see comment below - I don't do this but others routinely have changed fittings).
  • Miscellaneous items: compass, gloves, wind indicator, telltales, sponge, duck tape, electrical tape, ratchet block, hat, sun block, lip protector, spare glasses.

Conditions to expect courtesy of Brett Beyer who has been to Hyères many times

  • Our Masters is late season and Hyères always seems to be very influenced by the weather systems at the time.
  • Any Northerly gradient wind can intensify into the well known “Mistral” wind which is why this place is favored by sailboarders and kitesurfers. Those winds are quite cool, flatter water, land affected, strong and shifty.
  • The other wind is an onshore E/SE with big rolling waves if its fresh or at least, always choppy even if not fresh winds.
  • I am expecting a variety of wind and chop conditions.
  • Some people have said it may be lighter winds during that time of year, but I’m not convinced.


  1. Thanks Doug, much appreciated! There are few things there that I would not have considered, so this is really useful.

  2. There is a special deal from Marçon Yachting for competitors to buy a sail at the special price of Euro500.00. Price includes numbers installed. Not such a great deal for Aussie competitors, but sailors from other countries might find the price attractive.

    1. With the 1 July sail price increases in Australia, the Marcon deal is now competitive with the AUD, so I'm buying my sail from them to save having to lug it around :)

  3. Thanks for your comment - the Charter Terms include: No fitting may be removed, even if it is subsequently replaced, and no repairs may be undertaken without the permission of the charter provider.

    I'm not sure about the hiking strap because I saw different ones in Oman, but the deck fitting clearly cannot be altered (they've changed this but I'm not sure when).

    Also, they will add mainsheet cleats if requested.

  4. "...without the permission of the charter provider" are the relevant words in the contract so it's safest to just ask before changing anything.

    1. ...and also getting this permission put in writing because everything is carefully scrutinized. I lost a baton in Oman, had it replace and re-measured. I was told that if I had just used a spare without having it re-measured, I could have been disqualified.

  5. Thanks for the checklist. This is my first Worlds so I'm super excited. I would add to the checklist an extra traveller block setup and electrical tape. Also some lengths of bungee. As you can see I could fill a whole suitcase of extra stuff.

    1. Thanks for this - Pam and I look forward to seeing you there.


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