October 31, 2013

You Just Can't Keep an Old Dog Down

by Pam
A few days ago we had a guest post from a life long Laser sailor. Actually, it was a open letter to the ILCA and a show of support for Bruce Kirby. Given the litigious nature of our society, our guest poster had a change of heart and asked us to take the post down. 

I get it. He's right. About society and about Bruce Kirby. Since we support Bruce's cause 100% (and I really liked the picture I found of a determined old dog) and since we really don't like the way the ILCA, the ISAF and Rastegar have treated Bruce, we still want to show our support.

Well, I've been under the weather for the last few days and didn't even know until now that the post had been taken down. My throat was killing me and I pulled out a package of Halls drops that I had purchased some time ago. I opened the first one, barely able to lift my head, and noticed writing on the wrapper. It read 'Dust off and get up' and I, unable to speak and feeling like dog do-do, quietly thought of a curse word. With every drop, I read yet another "pep talk in every drop.'  So, Bruce Kirby, we support you with the politically correct, Halls 'pep talk in every drop:'

Dust off and get up
Conquer today
It's your's for the taking
Be resilient
You've survived tougher
Don't waste a precious minute
The show must go on.  Or work.
Don't give up on yourself
Tough is your middle name
Flex your "can do" muscle
Nothing you can't handle
Don't try harder.  Do harder!
March forward!
Keep your chin up.
Go for it
Get through it
Put your game face on
Seize the day

There were many more but that was enough drops to get me out of bed and back in action. Give 'em hell Bruce!

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