September 05, 2013

Masters Rule!

By Doug
I have only had the pleasure of sailing against John MacCausland twice - at last year's Midwinter's where he finished a strong third and this year's Midwinter's which he won. John is currently competing at the Star World Championships and is leading with two days to go... awesome!

Update: John has won the Star World Championships!!

John is an owner at Moorhouse MacCausland Sailing so keep him in mind next time you're buying sailing gear.

Another master in the news is Robert Scheidt who was winning at the Europeans. I have had the pleasure of watching Robert sail in many Worlds and look forward to seeing him race again in Oman. He is the most gifted Laser sailor I have ever seen.

Update: Robert finishes second!


  1. Hi, what makes Scheidt so great? What differentiates legends like Scheidt, Ainslie, Elvstrom...?

    1. I never saw Paul Elvstrom sail, but I've seen Scheidt and Ainslie go head-to-head and their styles are different. Robert looked taller than anyone else upwind and threw his weight around more in a way that is unmistakable. And then there is his speed downwind which has always been exceptional. Ben and Tom may have been smarter, but Robert gets my vote for being the most perfectly tuned for the Laser class.

      In race 8 at the Worlds in Cork, Robert had a bad first leg and apparently rounded the first mark DFL (I was at the bottom of the course and did not see this). And in an 81-boat gold fleet, he worked his way up to 28th. I don't think that anyone else could have done that.


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