June 16, 2013

2013 Canadian Master Laser Championship

by Pam
Overall results
Group results

Doug held his 2nd place.  Woohoo!  Now he's headed to the Butterfly Nationals in Spring Lake, Michigan, then he flies home and without so much as a full night's sleep, he will drive straight to Houston for a Laser circuit stop.  The man is addicted to sailing.

Apparently, there are some really good pictures and the conditions were fairly challenging.  I'll post a link when I can figure out where they are.

Beaconsfield put on a great event. 

With Joe and his Pam.

By Doug: OK, here's what happened.

Day one had a crazy first leg in race one with the wind shifting right 90 degrees by the time the last 10 boats rounded. Many good sailors got caught on the left including me. Thank goodness for drop races.

Day two started light and built to the 20's with some wild rides downwind. Rob, Tobin, Philippe, Richard, and others were great, especially on the one mile downwind sailing by the lee. For a light person, Nigel had awesome speed in the breeze but his boom vang tang broke. My speed was mediocre at best and I missed too many shifts.

Day three had Rob showing great speed upwind in the light chop in the first race. The committee kept us on the water as the cold rain killed the wind. When it reappeared from the east, we had lots of shifts for the final tricky race.

Rob won easily with good speed when it counted. For me, it was a wake-up call - too much rust and an urgent need to practice with people who are faster and smarter than me.

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  1. Well done!

    It always helps to practice with people who are faster and smarter. Luckily for me, almost everybody is faster and smarter than me.


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