November 21, 2012

2013 Florida Masters Circuit

by Pam
This is being republished from (ILCA-NA).  Rather than linking I'm republishing here because there is something very wrong with the  website.  It takes forever to load and sometimes times out.  Being almost 50 now, I find that slow computers and websites are problematic for me because by the time they load, I've completely lost my train of thought and stupidly click away only to remember a short while later what it was I was wanting to check.  Also, Doug almost never checks that website and I know he's planning to attend this event so this way he'll at least see it.  

Masters at Play. OK, guys and gals, here’s the deal for February.

You pack up the Lasers, get on the road and head to Florida to arrive at Charlotte Harbor Feb 1 for the start of a super week of racing and hanging out with a bunch of good folks.  Bring your golf clubs, spouse (or significant other), sunscreen and whatever other toys you need to enjoy your stay.  Go online to register for all three events – Masters MidwintersMidweek Madness and Florida Masters.  The Notices of Race are there and registration is open (FL Masters is coming soon).

The folks at Charlotte Harbor have put together a really good on shore show to go along with a great sailing venue.  We’ll be sailing from a beach area just a short ways to the race area.  Check it out on the regatta website, or Google it.  Carl Schellbach has been recruited to run the races, so there should  be no whining about the PRO not knowing what we want in courses!  We’ll be sharing the beach area with catamaran sailors participating in the Charlotte Harbor Regatta and partying Friday night with all the Charlotte Harbor Regatta participants.    Saturday night is a fantastic Beach Party right where we’re sailing.  These will be great opportunities to swap stories with non-believers and perhaps gain a few converts.  Sunday dinner will be ours alone at the Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club, as the other sailors will be heading home.  Oh yeah, for the adventurous types, there will be limited camping and RV parking allowed.  Check it out on the website and register with Brian Gleason  There are also special rates available at some local hotels.  Info is on the website.

Our lay day on Tuesday, Feb 5, gives you an opportunity to explore and enjoy some of the Punta Gorda/Charlotte Harbor area before heading to Jensen Beach for Midweek Madness, Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday is another day for relaxing (and recovering) before the start of the Florida Masters and the hunt for the coveted Dirty Old Man of The Sea Trophy at Palm Beach Sailing Club.

You can become famous and save yourself an entry fee by submitting the winning T-shirt slogan for the Florida Masters.   These can be irreverent, politically incorrect, and typically centered around the benefits (???) of senior citizenship.  Just no profanity!  Submit your entry to Sloan Davant at by January 9.

So there you have it – all the justification for escaping from work, cold, neighbors, or whatever to come play and enjoy some real yachting on your Laser!  


  1. Hmmm. I did this a few years ago when it was only two weekend regattas. Very tempting...

    1. This really is a great week, although last year it was quite cold so you'll need to take plenty of clothes. Also, it's unusual because they're having the main event (the Midwinters) at the beginning of the week instead of the end of the week. For slow-starters like me, this will be interesting!


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