November 05, 2012

2012 Laser District 15 Final Circuit Standings (Unofficial)

by Pam
The Laser District 15 racing circuit consists of 7 regattas.  To "qualify" for the circuit, you must attend at least 4 regattas.  The North Texas circuit consists of 4 regattas, 3 of which are the same as the District 15 circuit regattas.  The purpose of the North Texas circuit was to encourage sailors in the D/FW area to start traveling.  Approximately 90 sailors attended at least one of these regattas, 6 qualified for the District 15 circuit, and 2 qualified for the North Texas circuit.

Austin had the highest regatta attendance with 43 and 18 at their two circuit stops and the Houston area had the largest number of sailors participating in the District 15 regattas.

1Doug PeckoverNOMADFull[4]11[2]11[1]
2James McTurkSSCFull[11]3435
3Sebastien DuboisSSCFull[16]710811
4Greg WallaceCSCFull[25]8[21]11[13]712
5Norm GrailCSCFull211052
6Forest AtkinsCSCFull151194
Non-qualifying - less than 4 events attended
7Colin FeikFWBCFull631
8David MorganSSCFull1443
9Alanna StrongCSCFull1663
10Bruce MooreCSCFull1887
11Britt FeikFWBCFull1896
12Mike Lindstrom  CYC  Full22810
13Marshall WoodsonArYCFull23205
14John MillerKansasFull82
15Fred SchrothAYCFull124
16Owen BushawCSCFull612
17Mark UnicumeColoradoFull135
18Mark McAnellyCSCFull919
19Charlie DanielAYCFull2411
20Doug KernAYCFull1
21Hank SauragePYCFull2
22Claude WellesAYCFull2
23Mark BabbCSCFull2
24Chris AlexanderCCYCFull2
25Mike LipariGSC/CSCFull3
26Scott YoungAYCFull3
27Patrick HitchinsAYCFull4
28Eddie LockeyCSCFull4
29Mark Eldred  SSCFull5
30Benjamin KennadyGalvestonFull5
31Ravi SubramanianAYCFull5
32Peter Jackson  SSCFull6
33Max LipariGSC/CSCFull6
34Jack HattendorfArYCFull6
35Martin Van WeltswinhelCSCFull7
36Alexandre Tupinamba  SSCFull7
37Drew JohnsonCSCFull7
38Jon LarsonHYCFull7
39Christa HvidstenCSCFull8
40Ash BeattyMISAFull9
41Mike RistCSCFull9
42Brad WinslettCCYCFull9
43Travis ArlittNoneFull10
44Eric FaustAYCFull10
45Josh DavidsonFull12
46Nick Schischka  SSCFull12
47Andrew Swan  CYC  Full13
49Jacques FaquetFull14
51Brian GrothusFull15
52Sandy DenisonCSCFull15
53Charlie ArnoldFull16
54John FlatoFull16
55David GrogonoFull16
56Mike HansenCSCFull17
57Jonathan BakerFull17
58Samuel StrongCSCFull19
59Pam NewtonNOMADFull20
61Will SchwartzFull26
1Thomas ButcherTCYCRadial51
2Mason Crowell  LYCRadial1
3William RomeoHYCRadial1
4Greg Dorflinger  LYCRadial2
5Ben LipariCSCRadial2
6Alan RochardAYCRadial2
7Olivia McAndrew  LYCRadial3
8Max LipariGSC/CSCRadial3
9Haddon HughesTCYCRadial3
10Kylie Schischka  SSCRadial4
11Christa HvidstenCSCRadial4
12Daniel KendrickHYCRadial4
13Mike LipariGSC/CSCRadial5
14Max GuerrieroTCYCRadial6
15Marshall McCannTCYCRadial7
16Kate EastonRadial8
17Alanna StrongCSCRadial9
1Meredith MorranAYC4.71
2Parker HughesTCYC4.72
3Ford McCannTCYC4.73
4Macey McCannTCYC4.74
5Lenox ButcherTCYC4.75
6Christine KendrickHYC4.76
7Madeleine ButcherTCYC4.77
8Reese GuerrieroTCYC4.78

North Texas Circuit

1Doug PeckoverNOMADFull41111
2Greg WallaceCSCFull4282176
Full Rig - attended 3 of 4 regattas
3Forest AtkinsCSCFull181143
4Owen BushawCSCFull226124
5Marshall WoodsonArYCFull302055
Full Rig - attended 2 or 4 regattas
6Jack HattendorfArYCFull862
7Norm GrailCSCFull12102
8Alanna StrongCSCFull19163
9Britt FeikFWBCFull24186
10Mark McAnellyCSCFull28919
Full Rig - attended 1 of 4 regattas
11Mark BabbCSCFull22
12John MillerKansasFull22
13Colin FeikFWBCFull33
14James McTurkSSCFull33
15Eddie LockeyCSCFull44
16David MorganSSCFull44
17Benjamin KennadyGalvestonFull55
18Mark UnicumeColoradoFull55
19Nick KeathlyFull77
20Drew JohnsonCSCFull77
21Sebastien DuboisSSCFull77
22Reed DouglasFull88
23Bruce MooreCSCFull88
24Mike RistCSCFull99
27Sandy DenisonCSCFull1515
28Mike HansenCSCFull1717
1Thomas ButcherTCYCRadial11
2Ben LipariCSCRadial22
3Max LipariCSCRadial33
5Mike LipariCSCRadial55

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