July 17, 2012

LaserPerformance/Maclaren Invitation

by Pam
We received a negative comment on the LaserPerformance Update post which I felt warranted being pointed out rather than left buried under the post.  The comment was left by “Anonymous” but my statistics tracker indicated the IP address belonged to Maclaren USA (the bankrupt entity).  According to the February 29, 2012 daddytypes.com post, after the creation of Maclaren NA in late 2010, Maclaren USA became essentially a zombie company that nobody wanted to talk about. On the company's computer network and IT system, USA was closed off, with Rastegar retaining the only login.  Does this mean my Anonymous poster is none other than Farzad Rastegar?

Welcome to my site Mr. Rastegar.  So glad you came to visit.  I am delighted to hear that you are offended by my 'biased point of view.'  I am one of many Laser sailors expressing their frustration and confusion as to what the heck is really going on with LP.  We have been unable to get answers  and we are the customers.  We would love to be treated with enough respect to be given an explanation.

Below is an image that shows the audience locations of this blog for that past 5 months.  If you would like to take a step forward and provide us with an a brief, or better yet, elaborate explanation of things from your perspective, I will gladly publish it, unedited, in its entirety.  I am sure sailors around the world will be very happy to hear your side of things.  


  1. I don't uderstand the problem-- I guess it is the money thing tied into a big global bisness. -----but the spread of the little boat around the world and think of all those other people sailing the same funny boat. At midnight I could walk around my house and someone on the other side of the world is sailing a Laser///

  2. Somehow I doubt that Mr R reads your blog, famous as it may be. Maybe his relatives who 'own' the business do....

  3. Mr R may not be a regular reader of this blog but it's entirely possible that he, or one of his staff, regularly scans the Internet for articles and posts about him and his companies. If that is true then he would have easily found Pam's post. Or a friend may have told him.

  4. Bearing in mind Mr R is Iranian born I think the comparison with recent Iraqi politicians could be regarded as especially tactless in view of recent history. An awful lot of Iranians lost relatives in the Iran/Iraq wars. Translate it into names in your own country's history and see how it feels... The apparent business practices would seem to well warrant lampooning, but perhaps not with that particular comparison.

  5. Anonymous, your comments are duly noted. I suppose I could have used Clinton's famous "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" or Nixon's "I am not a crook" but the Minister of Information with his "there are no Americans in Baghdad while American tanks drive by behind him seemed rather closer to Farzad's blatant denial of any knowledge of the ownership of the HK entity when his own Mom owned the company. But I see your point and you have persuaded me to remove the videos.

  6. I worked for the little man just a few short years ago. he is as dirty as they come. With all of the crap that he has pulled on people - all across the world - it is amazing that nobody his killed him yet! His boy in Hong Kong (Sam McQuigg) runs his shell game on the ground. Stateside he has a scumbag by the name of Bill Crane doing his dirty work. He surrounds himself with Iranian nationals, and rewards them dearly. Prison would be too good for the little man. He truly does have all of those little 'companies' just to hide it all. His big plan has been to set up a /manufacturing/ operation in Morocco, to enable his exiled Iranian friends & family. His wife is of Iranian royalty, and he has really been funded by them all along.

    1. I appreciate your candor. Many have suspected exactly as you say but proving it is another story. If you have any information (details, names, etc.) that you'd be willing to share, I will do my best to get that information into the right hands. Jail might be too good for him, but it's better than letting him run free and do more harm. You can email us using the link in the right margin toward the top of the page just under our pictures.


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