September 26, 2016

Laser Sailing Update from Down Under

By Doug
Here's an article just published by the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron which is just opposite the Opera House on Sydney harbor. At the recent Master Worlds, Pam's vantage point for taking pictures on the finish line was good because we got close-ups of how people sailed. Another good shot is this one of Brett finishing - with the way he punches out, I wonder how many people have actually seen how he sails (who knew his outhaul was so tight?) We're looking forward to more good pictures at the next Master Worlds in Split Croatia.


  1. Questions:
    1) Why has Rob Lowndes Radial sail got a different 'laser burst' insignia to the rest of us?
    2) How hard was it blowing when Brett Beyer had his outhaul bar tight and what are we to learn from it?

    1. My apologies for missing your questions. I've never seen different logos on Laser sails, but then I've never looked that closely. Thankfully, it would not make a different.

      The video is Brett finishing the last race on the final day (they went a little crazy with the horn). It was not that windy, perhaps 12-14 knots. I would have thought that Brett, being bigger than most, would have been the last to depower his sail. From this we learn that there will always be more than one way to sail a Laser.


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