February 16, 2016

Florida Masters Week - Part 3

by Doug
The first video from Florida was with Al Clark, former Master World Champion, about how he won the Master Midwinters in full rigs. The second video was with Peter Shope, current Grand Master World Champion, about how he won Midweek Madness in full rigs.

Now, we talk with a woman who beat all the guys to win the radial Midwinters. And when Al switched to radials for Midweek Madness, she tied with him only to lose on handicap because she's younger (age is factored, but not gender!!)

Christine Neville is a great sailor who trains with Peter Shope, so it's perhaps not surprising to hear the similarities about how they sail: pressure first and then direction, judging shifts without a compass, etc.

I love this sport because we can ask women their age and weight without getting decked. Christine graciously told me that she is 5' 10" and weights 155 pounds. We do not sail in the same fleet, but I occasionally have seen her racing. Her technique is very smooth and polished.


  1. Excellent interviews! Thanks for posting them (and thanks to the interviewees for sharing their thoughts.

    1. Thanks. It's always fun learning from people at the front of a fleet.


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