October 14, 2014

Kids - You Can Never Start Them Too Young!

By Doug
One of the things that we love about sharing our adventures is hearing from others about what they have learned. At Hyėres, we met Alle Roodbergen (NED) who proudly showed us pictures of his son on a hiking bench and encouraged us to keep blogging. 

Alle's 4 year old son, Floris, getting in shape for his Optimist career that will start in just 2 years:


Alle said "Your hiking bench without question has played a big part in me getting in shape for this event. At 1.74 mtr and 78 kg [5' 8" and 172 pounds] I have been struggling with these conditions and I'm sure it has been the same for you. With tomorrow the final race day I am 11th now overall in the Standard Apprentice fleet, so I am very happy!" Alle finished 12th out of 42 in the Apprentice fleet. Congratulations!

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