July 07, 2014

506 Registered

by Pam
Apprentice (35-44)342702
Master (45-54)1197535
Grand Master (55-64)8971116
Great Grand Master (65-74)879015

Everybody wants to go to France. Doug is switching back to the standard, is at the top end of his age group, is underweight, and has the second largest group competing. 89 boats on the start line!

He has his hiking bench set up in the entry way to the living room and every time he walks past it, he jumps on for a couple of minutes. He thought he was in good shape until he went out for a sail on a particularly windy day a couple of weeks ago and learned differently. 

He just returned from the Butterfly Nationals where he won it (not easily) for the 5th time. And from now until France, his practice conditions and fleet size looks like this:

Hmmm ... wonder how he'll do. Either way, we're going to France! 


  1. Good for you. Although I do hear that some of the sailors who registered recently don't have charter boats arranged yet, so maybe the fleet will be a little smaller.

    1. Thanks. I trained for and entered the 2005 Master Worlds in Fortaleza but never could get a boat. The advantage that Hyeres has is that it's closer to lots of sailors who may be willing to charter their Lasers.

      I'm more concerned about the parking, launching facilities, meetup areas, etc. And then there's the support boats.

      We can assume that the race committee will be very cautious with the sailing conditions. The famous Mistral wind is from the north and anyone in trouble will be blown away from the shore.


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