March 08, 2014

What's Wrong With This Picture?

By Doug
This is a beautiful watercolor in our doctor's office. The artist took great care to make this picture as realistic as possible, even though the artist was not a sailor. How do we know this?


  1. My first reaction was when did you sneak out of the house and go to the doctor. You're supposed to be on bed rest and banned from driving while recovering from eye surgery. But, now I see, you're sailing the only way you're allowed to at the moment (through pictures, videos and memories). Good for you!

    What other little gems are you going to find for us while banned from sailing.

  2. The wind directions indicated by the flag and the sails are inconsistent with each other.

  3. And good luck in your recovery from the eye surgery.

    1. Thank you. Each one is different and this one will take a little longer.

  4. Boats on the beach are normally pointed into the wind. In this painting they should have all launched themselves by now and be happily sailing over the horizon, all by themselves. (Flag shows an offshore breeze). Also, those sail numbers are way too small.

  5. Wishing you a speedy recovery Doug.

  6. On boats 2772 and 9977 the jib sheet block is all the way to the port side and yet the jib is set as if it were all the way on starboard. Also, several of the boats were obviously pulled onto the beach at low tide and are now almost awash in the surf at high tide.

    Best of luck on a speedy and full recovery.

  7. only one boat has a cooler....


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