January 19, 2014

Fred Schroth's Easter Laser Regatta

by Pam
Fred has been putting on the Easter Laser Regatta in Austin for 30 years. His regatta is sort of like the pulse of Laser District 15 in Texas as to potential participation numbers. It's always the first circuit stop in District 15 and rarely do any of the other other circuit stops match his participation numbers. 

However, Fred isn't the best about posting the results in a timely manner. So we thought we'd help him out with this handy little summary of his participation numbers over the years as well as links to where you can find the results. We couldn't find some of the earlier years' results so if anyone has any information to fill in the blanks, please send it to us and we'll update the chart. 

You can find out everything you need to know about this year's 31st Annual Easter Laser Regatta at the above link.  It's always Easter weekend and the local talent is some of the best in Texas.  They don't always travel or do the circuit but they rarely miss Fred's regatta. 

Scott Young is already blogging about getting ready for the Midwinters in Florida. He has no expectations for how he'll finish, but let's face it, an old, fat, rusty, out of shape, Scott Young would easily be in the top 5 but a Scott Young that's training ... look out. 


Full / Radial / 4.7
2nd19853535 / 0 / 0Doug Kern
3rd19863939 / 0 / 0Doug Kern
4th19873737 / 0 / 0Steve Bourdow
4th19882929 / 0 / 0Eric Faust
6th19892323 / 0 / 0Chris Junge
7th19902121 / 0 / 0Paul Foerster
8th19912424/ 0 / 0Paul Foerster
9th19922525 / 0 / 0Scott Cheney
11th19943232 / 0 / 0Lars Hansen
13th19963232 / 0 / 0 Doug Peckover
14th19973928 / 11 / 0Eric Faust
15th19985747 / 10 / 0Doug Peckover
18th20016347 / 16 / 0Zach Railey
19th20027646 / 30 / 0Eric Faust
21st20045437 / 17 / 0Mark Eldred
22nd20055334 / 19 / 0Scott Young
23rd20063927 / 12 / 0Doug Peckover
24th20074132 / 9 / 0Gavin Rudolph
25th20084040 / 0 / 0Eric Faust
26th20094635 / 8 / 3Scott Young
27th20104632 / 9 / 5Scott Young
28th20112818 / 4 / 6Scott Young
29th20124326 / 9 / 8Doug Kern
30th20134531 / 10 / 4Scott Young


  1. Here are a couple of the years you are missing. (From D15 reports in The Laser Sailor. God knows why I still have copies from over 20 years ago in the basement!)

    1992 - 25 boats - Scott Cheney
    1994 - 32 boats - Lars Hansen

  2. And here is one more - from a report by Fred on the Laser Forum.

    2004 - 25 Full 10 Radial - Mark Eldred. You were second overall and first master that year Doug.


    1. Those 2004 numbers were the boats that actually finished at least one race. Looks like the total number of boats registered was actually 37 Full and 17 Radial.

  3. Wow! Thanks for filling in some of the blanks. As the chart comes together, it looks like Fred has done a pretty good job with participation.


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