November 07, 2011

WURSTFEST REGATTA - Laser/Sunfish Final Circuit Stops

by Pam
The infamous Fred with Doug

Wurstfest Regatta is an event everyone should experience at least once (or as often as possible). Lake Canyon Yacht Club puts on two sensational Wurstfest regattas each year. The first is for centerboard boats and the second is for keel boats.

This regatta is usually the last stop of many sailing circuits and this weekend wrapped up the Sunfish and Laser circuit season.

There were 86 boats in several fleets competing this weekend. The Sunfish had the biggest fleet with the Flying Scots a close second. The Lasers actually had a fleet this year which was welcome news for Doug.  

Doug was sailing a Laser and took first place.

Doug had to leave early and left the infamous Fred Schroth to accept his award for him and say his thank yous. Fred, as many know, is quite the colorful character. He assured Doug he's given Scott Young's acceptance speech many times for Scott and had it covered. He demonstrated by pulling out a sheet of paper and reading from it 'you guys are a bunch of hacks and it's no fun sailing with you anymore ... goodbye.' One can only imagine what endearing words he spoke on Doug's behalf.

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