October 02, 2011

Laser District 15 - 6th Circuit (FWBC)

by Pam
Only 4 boats showed up to this circuit stop. Doug won it.

Wurstfest will be the last circuit stop for the District 15 Laser Fleet. The District 15 circuit consists of 7 regattas and to qualify for the circuit 4 events must be attended. Out of the 51 boats that have competed in Laser regattas this year none have sailed in enough events to qualify to win the circuit. That isn't entirely true ... 2 sailors attempted to sail in 4 events but the attendance at the Spring DinghyFest was so low that they were forced to sail Portsmouth and the event did not count toward the circuit. Last year so few Lasers signed up for Wurstfest that all of them chose to bail and sail in the 38 boat Sunfish fleet instead. In all probability, the same will happen again this year. This is not good news for District 15.

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